Join us for this first ever wellness event.

May 25, 2024 // the cheakamus center (south)

Experience the power of community connection

"This event has been curated by women, for women, with a focus on supporting growth, fostering connections, and providing opportunities for healing and health."

What you’ll gain from attending this event:


+ opportunities to learn from local practitioners

+ increase your physical, mental, and emotional health

+ connect with new women in your community

+ experience new health and healing modalities 

+ a safe environment to learn and grow

+ connection with your vision and direction

+ healing experiences in nature 

+ an opportunity to really fill your cup

Registration closes: 
Monday, May 20, 2024 at 9pm

What’s special about this weekend?


This weekend is a unique and transformative experience designed to uplift and empower women in the Sea to Sky corridor. 

Through a carefully curated program of workshops, presentations, and activities, attendees will have the opportunity to deepen their connection to themselves and their community. 

This event is not just about learning; it’s about experiential growth and healing. With a focus on mind, body, and heart connection, participants will explore holistic resources that support their journey to a more empowered life. 

What makes this weekend truly special is the collective energy and intention of women coming together to support each other’s growth, creating a space where attendees can fill their cups, connect authentically, and emerge feeling inspired and rejuvenated.

Own a business in the community?! This event has an intent to help you meet other professionals, network, and build your community!

Not to mention, we are raising funds for a valuable women’s organization in our community, PearlSpace! 

How the day unfolds:


Saturday, May 25th 9am-11:30a

9:00am- Join Shauna of Elements Pilates for a 30 minute complimentary session

9:30am Breakfast Treats + Morning Bevies Cheakamus style

10:00am- Welcome + Opening Blessing with Twsayasia Spukwus (Alice Guss), Loretta Cella, + Sarah Kvist

10:30am- Foundational Wellness  w/ Loretta Cella

11:00am- The Importance of Honouring Adolescent Shifts: Hormones, Transitions, Safety with Kristin Trotter

11:30am- Integration exercise + personal and professional networking


Saturday, May 25th 12-5pm

12pm- Lunch 

12:30pm- Nature Infused Reiki Meditation with Sarah Kvist

1:00pm- The Feminine Path-A Kinder and Empowering Approach to Health + Wellness with Helen Croza 

1:45pm- Reclaiming Your Power with Sarah Kvist

2:30pm- UnMasking Anger + Discovering Your Gifts with Loretta Cella

3:15pm- Networking + Marketplace 

4:00pm- Navigating Wellness and Wellbeing in Business + Work Life with Erin Kurbis

4:45pm- Foundation Training with Linda Guanti, Nature Walk, + Marketplace

5:15pm- Dinner


Saturday May 25 6-8:30p


6:00pm- Honouring Your Transitions in Modern Times with Melanie O’Leary

6:45pm- Fire ceremony + 5Rhythms with Anna Mrozik

7:30-8:30p- The Inner Eye + Your Heart Breathwork with Loretta Cella 

What’s included:

Registration closes Monday, May 20, 2024 at 9pm

Meet the Hosts + Sponsors

 Loretta Cella holds a Masters in Leadership from Royal Roads University and has been a certified ICF professional coach since 2007. From grassroots charity work globally to working on provincial, federal and municipal projects as a change and organizational development consultant, Loretta is no stranger to supporting people from all backgrounds and ages to lead healthier lives both in and out of the workplace.
A seasoned public speaker and author, Loretta is passionate about raising people’s potential and enjoys being immersed in diverse cultures, and the outdoors.
In addition to her formal education, Loretta is a breathwork guide and teacher, founding BreathWorks Studios in 2023 when she moved to Squamish, BC.
Known for her ability to bring science and spirituality together, Loretta uses her academic background along with her spiritual gifts to assist clients with profound energy shifts in their bodies and heart fields.
As an independent mother of 1 and two rescues, Loretta spends much of her time outdoors enjoying the beauty of the Sunshine Coast + Squamish, BC

Sarah Kvist has a diverse background in pre-hospital medicine, ICU Nursing, high school teaching, Reiki, and Body Intuitive – an energy medicine practice. After 12 years in western medicine, Sarah transitioned to focus on healing, starting her Reiki practice in Squamish in May 2021. She expanded her practice with Body Intuitive, Numerology, Human Design, Astrology, and Animism, enriching her approach to help clients navigate life’s challenges.

Combining science and spirituality, Sarah helps clients clear old stories, reconnect with their bodies, and live authentically. Her 2023 book offers women activities to come home to themselves. Sarah believes in community and sees everyone as fellow seekers in life’s journey.

Outside of her practice, Sarah enjoys nature with her dogs and family, yoga, and quiet moments with tea. A prairie girl at heart, she finds solace in Squamish’s mountains and rivers.

The Squamish Women’s Wellness Summit will be donating profits to:

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