Over the last 15 years I’ve had the privilege of working in many sectors speaking and providing coaching, consulting and program development.

Below you’ll see a list of service and their descriptions.


Let's talk about it

Thought and action invoking speaking topics for your events, retreats, meetings and classrooms include: Transforming Bullies (From Classroom to Corporate) Transforming the Way We Lead, Driving Change (Instead of Letting it Drive You), Developing Partnerships, Leading for Change, The Power of Reviving Servant Leadership, Building Resiliency, Authenticity and Teams, and Working for the People, and more.

For more information on how to bring these topics and more into your school, organization or business please contact us.


Ready for some real clarity?

Interested in becoming unstuck and ready to get into action? From corporate “bully” busting to conscious leadership development, creative blocks to meaningful career discovery that leaves you a legacy.

Whatever the challenge is this coaching service is for people needing and wanting to create more awareness around themselves, their actions and start taking steps towards sustainable success.

To learn more or sign up for a free introductory session contact us.

Custom 1-5 day retreats on the Sunshine Coast, British Columbia are available for those interested in removing themselves from their environment to focus on their development.


Looking to create a change?

Looking to create change in your business? Creating a comprehensive change plan that includes communications, training and coaching and sponsorship development could make the world of difference and save you thousands of dollars in time and resources.

For more information contact us.


Starting a new initiative?

If you are starting a new social impact project or initiative or launching a major change in your business or organization this service is for you.

To receive a free assessment call or to learn more contact us.


Something missing in your tool box?

Are you feeling like something’s missing in your tool box? Notice that you keep hitting the same wall or perhaps you have staff continuously facing the same challenges?

Using assessments, coaching, training and other learning opportunities can shift your experiences. To learn more contact us.



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