HeartBreath Classes


My HeartBreath classes are between 60-75 minutes and include meditation, pranayama breathwork, rapid and traditional Yoga Nidra-style, and somatic heart energy work before the holotropic-style breathwork experience begins to deepen your somatic experience. 


This combination of traditional and modern scientific methods creates a more profound and long-lasting experience.


Each class offers participants a customized playlist that is thoughtfully curated to stimulate a powerful mental, emotional and physiological experience.

Twenty-four hours before class, you will receive a detailed email with all the instructions on making the most out of the class, including an audio link for first-time breathers.

Learn more about my breathwork practice here.

HeartBreath Class Schedule

Please check regularly for updates


Please note: These classes are based on a Holotopic style breathwork pattern. It is a powerful body, mind and soul therapeutic experience. The classes are not suitable for those who have heart conditions, a history of seizures, on heavy meditations and or pregnant. Please message me or check with your physician before registering if you are unsure.


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