Harness the Power of Your Heart and Breath to Revolutionize Your Life and Work.

As a HeartBreath™ Coach you are on the cutting edge of the wellness industry with this unique breathwork modality and ONE OF THE FIRST TO BRING HEART SCIENCE AND ENERGETICS INTO BREATHWORK GLOBALLY

HeartBreath™ is a transformative body therapy breathwork method that empowers individuals to connect deeply with their hearts, leading to profound life-changing experiences. If you're passionate about making a meaningful impact in the world, then this training is for you! In this certification program, you'll explore the intersection of science and spirituality, discovering how to heal your mind, body, and heart, and live a more coherent and connected life.

In this enhanced breathwork training you will:

This training is a gateway to transformative growth, empowering you to enhance your intuition, health, and toolkit. Not only will it change your life, but it will also amplify your ability to reach more clients and inspire change in your community.
"Working with Loretta, through her unique approach, is transformative. She has a way of peeling away layers through a simple process to uncover the values that lie beneath, and helps you to articulate, and then own them."
Jill Earthy

HeartBreath™ is a body therapy breathwork practice that combines breathwork modalities, somatic healing, neuroscience, heart energetics.


 A holistic, science-based and spiritual-founded breathwork practice, the HeartBreath™ Method includes the traditional wellness techniques of:

  • pranayama breathwork,
  • seated meditation,
  •  yoga nidra (modern+ infused)
  • yogic savasana,
  • heart energetics, and
  • Holotropic-styled breathwork or what is referred to as conscious circular breathwork.
When we step into this method of change to create more wellness and intentional action in our lives, incredible shifts in our inner and outer world happen with much less effort than we initially thought possible.
Experience profound inner connection, a feeling of being rooted, centred and strong.
By the end of this certification process, you’ll have growth personally and professionally in ways you’ve never thought possible!
Since 2020, Loretta Cella has supported thousands of individuals to heal and transform their lives with HeartBreath™ across seven countries.

It’s an incredible opportunity to create limitless possibilities in your life and assist others to do the same

HeartBreath™ is more than breathwork, it's a way of being.

Put in your application for May 2024 now!

“The program created by Loretta, has been one of the most life changing and motivating personal development workshops that I’ve taken. Loretta is an inspiring facilitator with a knack at bringing out the best in people and motivating them to set true goals and pursue their passions by making clear, attainable ‘passionate paths’."
Daniella Gentile
Teacher + Assistant Director, Bodwell Intl

We learn. We practice. We support.

This training is constructed to give students an experiential learning experience.

During this year long certification process, you will learn the science of this unique methodology and practice each component until you feel proficient in running your own private sessions and classes.

This certification process is based on a BE-DO-HAVE model:

BE- In this training, you will experience first hand the incredible shifts that can happen within this work; expanding personally.

You will then have the opportunity to begin practicing and implementing the learning so you can add it to your expertise.

HAVE- Once you are familiar with the process, benefits and experience the transformation in how you live and breathe and can support others to revolutionize their lives, you are ready to curate a meaningful business that is making the world a better place.

HeartBreath™ is an incredible addition to anyone who already identifies as an educator or wellness practitioner. During the monthly coaching calls, we will explore powerful ways to integrate HeartBreath™ into your practice to amplify your work to support your clients even more

How this certification process unfolds:

Module One: The Fundamentals of Body Therapy Breathwork

May 3-5, 2024 (online)

In this module, we will cover:

What is body therapy breathwork?

+ the Science
+ the Benefits
+ the Method (focused approach on conscious circular breathwork)

Creating a safe, respectful and inclusive practice

+ contraindications and what you need to know
+ how to curate safe experiences
+ ensuring you are resourced appropriately to support people
+ EDIB (Equality, Diversity, Inclusion + Belonging)
+ Reconciliation and Land Acknowledgements

How to become a trauma-informed and sensitive practitioner?

+ learn the Trauma to Transformation Triangle
+ holding emotional, physical and mental safety
+ what to do with emotional charged experiences
+ resources to offer clients to support their wellness

This module includes an overview of the three main bodies of breathwork. The basic science of body therapy breathwork, the benefits it offers individuals and groups when practiced properly and the method for supporting clients into a safe transformational experience to with care.

We will also cover what you should ethically and professionally ask potential clients before they have a session and what to do if a client wants services but has contraindications.


Module breakdown:

+ 10 hours of learning and education
+ 3 hours of experiential learning and journeying
+ 2 hours peer-to-peer practice
+ 40 minute instructor exam  (must be scheduled and completed before Module Two)
+ 1 hour private coaching to work through barriers, blocks and goals.


BONUS #1 : Learn the DailyReset Breathwork Practice (Level 1)- a 5-minute practice to intentionally get in the driver seat of your nervous system auto-responses every day.

Foundations to Marketing and Generating Income with Robyn Gooding. In this one hour workshops, Robyn,  Business Coach, will guide students into the foundations of what you need to know to get your marketing going and making money with your new found breathwork practice.



For this module, you will be provided an accountability partner and asked to complete Breathwork Log showing 8 hours of practice client work between Module One and Module Two. (Paid or voluntarily)

Module 1 can be accessed independently. Complete application and state your interest in this module.
(Investment: $1195 + GST)

Module Two: Getting to the Heart of the Matter

Option: January 13-14 2023 + July 13-14 2024 (online)

In this module, we will cover:

What is the Heart Field?

+ the Science
+ the Energetic Principles
+ the Benefits
+ the HeartField practice

This module includes HeartMath science  and the fundamental principles of the heart field, the benefits it has to our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies and how to use it in our daily practice and as well as how it enhances body therapy breathwork journeys.

*Please note that proper channels of permission for sharing this information has been taken and  granted directly from the HeartMath Institute.

Module Breakdown:

+ 3 hours of learning and education
+ 2 hours of experiential learning
+ 2 hours of peer-to-peer practice
+ 15 minute instructor exam  (must be scheduled and completed before Module Three)
+ 1 hour private coaching with Loretta to work through barriers, blocks and goals


BONUS: Experience the HeartShift technique. The HeartShift technique is an energy coaching tool using heart energetics to assist us in locating blocked energy in the body so we can gain deeper awareness before entering into a breathwork experience.

For this module, you will be provided an accountability partner and asked to practice a HeartField technique (learned in this module) every day for 10-minutes day and submit log before Module Three.

Note: Module 2 can be accessed independently. Complete application and state your interest in this module.
(Investment: $995 + GST) All classes and workshops by Loretta are complimentary for students during training.

Module Three: The HeartBreath Method

September 20-22, 2024 (in-person)

In this module, we will cover:

What is HeartBreath™?

+ review of the science of body therapy breathwork, heart energetics
+ learning the method from theory to step by step practice
+ how to curate individual and groups session in an ethical,  culturally-sensitive, trauma-sensitive, inclusive and supportive way.

In this module, we are pulling the learning and experiences from Module One and Two together and adding the remaining modalities to experience a full HeartBreath experience.

Retreat will be held in Squamish, BC. 

Module Breakdown:

+ 16 hours of  education
+ 3 hours of experiential learning
+ 2-3 hours of peer to peer practice
+ 1 hour senior client exam (You will be assigned one of my long standing VIP clients to offer a session to. This VIP client will offer you feedback and provide me with a short testimonial on your behalf which will be used toward your certification)
+ 1 hour private coaching Loretta to work through barriers, blocks, and goals.

For this module, you will complete a HeartBreath Log with support of your accountability partner.

This year’s fall retreat will take place on the unceeded territory of the Sḵwx̱wú7mesh and Coast Salish peoples (Squamish, BC) located in the midst of beautiful mountains, lakes, and lush forests and 30 minutes from Whistler, BC.

Total practice hours to be completed with your accountability partner before Module Four: 8 hours (paid or voluntarily) 

Module Four: Staying in Your Wellness

November 16-17, 2024 (online)

In this module, we will cover:

What is ethical practitioner care?

+ the up and down side to energy work and working within a healing modality
+ how to avoid energy transfer and burning out/ illness
+ creating your self-care plan
+ what to do if you burn-out
+ teaching clients to use the heart field out in the world

In this module, students will learn and share about ethical practitioner care and be encouraged to develop a wellness collective amongst each other as part of the HeartBreath Institute Wellness Collective.

Module Breakdown:

+ 3 hours of education and learning
+ 3 hour of experiential learning including self-assessments, coaching support and creating your plan
+ 2-3 hours of peer-to-peer support
+ 1 hour private coaching with Loretta to work through barriers, blocks and goals.

BONUS: Experience an enhanced HeartShift Practice specifically to grounding before sessions and clearing energy after sessions.

For this module, you will be provided a new accountability partner and asked to log your daily wellness practice and provide a benefit analysis before Module Five.

Module Five: Bringing Your Heart Magic into the Wellness World

January 11, 2025 (online)

In this module, we’ll cover:

Your next steps:

+ review & final exam
+ Reviewing your plans for becoming a HeartBreathCoach / How to integrate the practice into your existing practice
+ licensing agreement
+ ethical contracting
+ liability waivers
+ creating a one page business goal plan to integrate into your pre-existing business model or to start working on independently.

In this module, we’ll put a bow around your new practice and make it part of your way of life and do business in an ethical, supportive way.

Module Breakdown:

+ 4 hours of experiential learning
+ 2-1 hour private coaching session with Loretta to work through barriers, blocks and goals.

BONUS: Foundations to Marketing and How to Generate Income with Heart. This power hour online workshop with Robyn Gooding will give you tools, resources and how to get your marketing going!

What’s included:


To support you wellness, all online HeartBreath classes with Loretta are now included in your training (value $800)
How to run transformational workshops and circles that leave the participants feeling inspired.

HeartBreath™ Coaching is one of the most holistic, inclusive and trauma-informed practices, customizable to your unique style.

When you become a HeartBreath™ Coach, you become part of a community of heart-centred practitioners that are seeking to make the world a better place from the inside out.

Get on the waitlist now to be one of the first heartbreath™ coaches in the world.

Next Intake Waitlist: May 2024

Investment: Payments as low at $340/ month

"The knowledge Loretta Cella brings, passion and thought out training is like no other training I have experienced! Grateful to be apart of the first cohort and the powerful shifts it has for me personally! This work is POWERFUL"
Ashlee C, Sacred Wild Heart


Loretta Cella holds a Masters in Leadership from Royal Roads University and has been a certified ICF coach since 2007. From grassroots charity work globally to working on provincial, federal and municipal projects as a change and organizational development consultant, Loretta is no stranger to supporting people from all backgrounds and ages to lead healthier lives both in and out of the workplace. She is a seasoned public speaker, and passionate about raising people’s potential, being immersed in diverse cultures, and the outdoors. In addition to her formal education, Loretta has been practicing holotropic-styled body therapy breathwork or what is know as conscious circular breathwork for eight years, has taken two training modalities and integrates them into her client practice.

Additional training and experiences include: child and youth care counselling, anti-oppression and emotional intelligence training, non violence crisis intervention certifications and career development classifications. Loretta also has training in project management and curriculum development.

As an independent mother of 1 and a mother to a rescue dog and cat who support in person sessions, Loretta spends much of her time outdoors enjoying the beauty of the Sunshine Coast, BC and Squamish, BC.

application process: What to expect


But what about…

In this modality we utilize body therapy breathwork, heart science, somatic healing, neuroscience and yogic practices for deep healing. The main breathwork is a 3-part open mouth breath that activates energy stored in the body. Similar to Holotropic breathwork, this breathwork is a body therapy and is a powerful therapeutic tool for wellness and well being. Most of my clients love this form of breathwork because it means less talk therapy and more healing and wellness.

If you have a history of seizures, heart conditions, on heavily prescribed medication, pregnant, or suffer from high blood pressure, or have a history of psychiatric conditions  this kind of breathwork most likely is not suitable for you. If this work, specifically the heart science components, still feels like a fit for you and you would like a less therapeutic breath pattern, please message me, and we can discuss a variant training that may be more suitable.

All you need is wifi, a technology to log into Zoom (computer / phone / iPad), a quiet room, a blanket, a yoga mat if you have one (not necessary), and you!

You will be provided with a manual for each module, including tool templates you can bring in your business. I recommend you ensure you have a new journal to record your experience, take notes and jot down your big “ah-has”.

Please note you will need integration time after each module. I recommend you take an hour to half a day, if possible, to integrate your experience and learning you don’t bypass the brain upgrade!

Modules learning components will be recorded for your review yes! I do highly encourage you to attend the live sessions as we will be doing experiential learning every module and the experiential learning components will not be recorded, especially the breathwork segments.

Breathwork sessions are personal and have therapeutic content. As much as I would LOVE to offer recordings to participants, it’s not aligned with my ethical principles of honoring confidentiality and ensuring safety. However, in this certification process, I will be offering the audio recording for 24 hours to those who miss class as long as participants are willing to do a check in within 24 hours post practice. Please contact me for more information.

In short, the answer to this is yes. However, any recordings I do use, will not contain your face, name or information. The recording will solely be of me in a training/ teaching capacity. 

Please note you are required to attend at minimum 4 of 5 modules live. Recordings will not be downloadable but accessible through the online platform for the duration of the year.

Becoming a certified HeartBreath Coach will give you all the knowledge and tools you need to get your started and moving forward in a successful career in guiding individuals and groups on HeartBreath journeys.

You will be able to integrate HeartBreath experiences into your existing practice or offer you education and resources to get your started as a new practitioner.

By the end of Module One, you will have the ability to begin guiding and charging for individual sessions. If you desire coaching support and supervision to ensure quality of service and confident to begin your business, I will be able to provide support. Full details will be provided in Module One on how to get started.

Loretta Cella has been an educator since 1998 and has coached thousands of individuals and hundreds groups since 2015.

Loretta holds a Master’s Degree in Leadership from Royal Roads University and is a Professional Certified ICF Coach with over 1500 hours of coaching. She also holds a Professional Intervention Practitioner certification through the HeartMath Institute. Loretta has been educating and guiding people from all walks of life, in all age groups, including in universities, colleges, and private schools, since 1998.


Having worked in numerous sectors, including municipal and provincial government and health care, Loretta has several trainings and certifications, including anti-oppression training, Non-Violent Crisis Intervention (NVCI), project management, online curriculum development, and emotional intelligence, to name a few.



Loretta is trained in two disciplines of breathwork by two renown teachers: Rebecca Kordecki and David Elliot, and has been participating in yogic practices for 20 years. Having worked in over 14 countries, Loretta had the privilege of being connected to grassroots cultural initiatives curating a deep understanding of human potential and learning in the most diverse circumstances.

Loretta has a personal commitment as a life long learner to decolonization, reconciliation and ethical practices.

The investment for this full year certification program is $5000.*

When paid in full six months in advance, you will receive a $400 discount. Deposit is non-refundable after program begins.

A six month and fourteen month payment plan is available.

Tuition includes all manuals, templates, tools, coaching calls, classes, exams, resources, and touch points between modules. Retreat costs are focused only on accommodation, food, snacks, and facilities. All retreats costs are transparent.

Please note that by the end of Module One, you will have the ability to begin charging for basic breathwork sessions. Should you choose to begin your practice right away, you will soon make back your deposit and first month tuition. By the end of Module Three, you can increase your prices by 20-30 % as the benefit of your offerings will increase. By the end of Module Five, you will have all the resources you need to curate a fully resourced business and your tuition for the certification could be paid off in full.

*Note: The tuition price outlined for 2023 is an introductory offer. Prices will increase for 2024.
* Please note that the currency of this program is based on your place of residency. If you are in Canada, you pay CAD, US, USD and so on.



More heart-centred connection and contribution awaits you.

Join the team!

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