A six-week HeartBreath experience to ground, heal & transform your whole life.

starts october 23, 2023

You were born to thrive.

If you desire to move out of scarcity in areas of money, love, health and wellness, you're ready to receive this journey.

In 6 weeks, you will:

Shift your wellness and well being from the inside out…

In 2007, I personalized a coaching tool called a life wheel that uses the universal principles of wellness and well-being to assess the five major areas of our human lives.

Since its inception, the wheel has been used with clients and students spanning 15 countries and all walks of life. In this series, we’ll be integrating this coaching tool’s principles into breathwork experiences as a way to dramatically shifting your wellness and wellbeing from the inside out.

As you go through this experience, you’ll gain an opportunity to raise your self-awareness and create more ease and abundance in your life, as well as:

One talk therapy session costs between $100-$200 per hour.

Clients have reported receiving more learning and healing in one of my session compared to 2 or 3 talk therapy sessions.

The internal to external process of an abundant life.

For over 24 years, I have been working in human services across 14 countries.

I have worked with people from all walks of life, in some of the most diverse situations and from the MOST diverse backgrounds.

In these experiences, I have moved in and out of abundant experiences, each time with more learning, more awareness and more connection to what is possible. If you are a Human Design nerd, I’m in a Manifesting Generator with 4 core centers that are undefined so I take in a lot of collective experiences and emotions.

(And, boy do I have some stories that would blow you away!)

HeartBreath been a catalyst for some of my more transformational experiences and it has helped me to experience:

– where true abundance comes from, 

– what happens when we live in toxic ego driven, colonial practices and 

-what’s possible when we move into whole being.

In this journey, you’ll gain an opportunity to raise your self-awareness, self-love, and create more ease and abundance in your life that are aligned with what indigenous peoples have known for centuries.


One talk therapy session costs between $100-$200 per hour.

Clients have reported receiving more learning and healing in one of my session compared to 2 or 3 talk therapy sessions.


So what are you waiting for?! 

You’ll save so much time, energy and resources on your holistic wellness journey.

I promise, you’ll come out of the experience so much lighter and with way more joy!

This series includes a powerful three-part, open mouth breathwork body therapy.

You can learn more about the work here. Each class requires you to have space to lay down, without distractions, for the duration of the experience. You will receive an email 24 hours before each class with instructions of what you’ll need to get the most out of each experience.

How the journey unfolds:

Week 1

Monday October 23rd @ 7:30pm PDT

In this 75 minute session, we’ll make a commitment to ourselves in the present and future to live in possibilities and open the door to abundant, whole self being.

Week 2

Monday October 30th 7:30p PDT

In this 75 minute session, we’ll review our relationship with self and where we can open our hearts to deeper and more profound care and compassion.

Week 3

Monday November 6th 7:30pm PDT

In this 75 minute session, we’ll set intentions for unblocking our connection to our higher heart and wisdom so we can begin the process of drawing on universal intelligence even more.

Week 4

Monday November 13th PDT 7:30pm PDT

In this 75 minute session, we’ll set intentions for activating a profound connection between our heart field, high intelligence and our human self of mind and body to begin actively shifting our life experiences.

Week 5

Monday November 20th 7:30pm PDT

In this 75 minute session, we’ll review a main block we are holding on to so we can shift our experience from the inside out. (Note this class will include energy coaching).

Week 6

Monday November 27th @ 7:30pm PDT

In this 75 minute session, we’ll curate a personalized vision of abundance in our lives to curate a profound and lasting, self-loving vibrant year ahead.

The teachings of this journey are a collection of 24 years in human services, various degrees and trainings and knowledge received through various spiritual practices.

I am gratefully and respectfully guiding these online experiences on the lands of the Coast Salish peoples and all are welcome.

What’s included:

BONUS: An intuitive card reading during this series to support you to connect to your abundant state and energy even more.

Claim your spot now for this life enhancing experience.

Starts November 23, 2023.

One single payment of $247 or 2 payments of $124 (GST included)


Loretta Cella holds a Masters in Leadership from Royal Roads University and has been a certified ICF professional coach (PCC) since 2007. From grassroots charity work globally to working on provincial, federal and municipal projects as a change and organizational development consultant, Loretta is no stranger to supporting people from all backgrounds and ages to lead healthier lives both in and out of the workplace.

A seasoned public speaker and passionate about raising people’s potential she enjoys being immersed in diverse cultures, and the outdoors.

In addition to her extensive formal education, Loretta has been practicing holotropic-style body therapy breathwork for ten years, has taken two training modalities and integrates them into her client practice and is a certified HeartMath Practitioner supporting people with PSTD, anxiety, depression and more.

As an independent mother of 1 and two rescues, Loretta spends much of her time outdoors enjoying the beauty of Squamish, BC.


But what about…

In the session, utilize body therapy breathwork. This is a 3-part open mouth breath that activates energy stored in the body. Similar to Holotropic breathwork, this breathwork is a body therapy and is a powerful therapeutic tool for wellness and well being. Most of my clients love this form of breathwork because it meets less talk therapy and more healing and wellness.

If you have a history of seizures, heart conditions, on heavily prescribed medication, pregnant, or suffer from high blood pressure, this kind of breathwork most likely is not suitable for you. If the series still feels like a fit for you and you would like a less therapeutic breath pattern, please message me, and I can offer you a varied practice to support your wellness.

All you need is wifi, a technology to log into Zoom (computer / phone / iPad), a quiet room, a blanket, a yoga mat if you have one (not necessary), and you!

Breathwork sessions are personal and have therapeutic content. As much as I would LOVE to offer recordings to participants, it’s not aligned with my ethical principles of honoring confidentiality and ensuring safety.

The only person that sees you in the breathwork portion of the sessions is me! As a guide, my job is to ensure that you feel safe, supported, and have the best possible experience. During the sessions, I ask folks to turn on their cameras and angle them so I can see you from head to chest. This allows me to see what’s happening with your breath, instruct a shift if necessary.

More lightness and joy are waiting.

One single payment of $247 or 2 payments of $124 (GST included)

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