Our Coaches

 Welcome to the growing community of HeartBreath™ Coaches.

Currently Coaches are located throughout Canada, and into the United States and Europe.

Loretta Cella

Founder - Lead HeartBreath™ Coach

Currently based out of Sḵwx̱wú7mesh (Squamish, BC) with her daughter and two rescue fur kids, Loretta is a trauma-informed advocate for holistic healing, inner leadership, decolonization. As the curator of HeartBreath™ and BreathWorks, Loretta offers group experiences and training as well as individual sessions both online and in-person.

Loretta is a seasoned master-level Professional Certified ICF Coach with extensive global experience as an educator, facilitator, and guide. With over 24 years in human services, ranging from grassroots work with children and teens on the clay grounds of Northern Uganda to advising and coaching COOs in healthcare settings, Loretta offers a wealth of experiential wisdom that transcends traditional academia and western practices.

Seamlessly blending science with spirituality, she serves as a transformative bridge for individuals navigating their healing and leadership journeys.


Robyn Gooding

Certified HeartBreath™ Coach

Robyn is a multifaceted entrepreneur, certified HeartBreath™ Practitioner, Feminine Embodiment Coach, and business strategist. Through her businesses, The Mothered Business and The Fertility Cocoon, she empowers women in business and those yearning for motherhood.

With over eleven years in business, she offers tailored coaching and strategic guidance, and while in The Fertility Cocoon, she assists women in connecting with their body’s wisdom to cultivate intuitive trust and fertility empowerment.

Whether in-person in Kelowna, BC, or online, Robyn creates sacred spaces for growth and transformation and would be honoured to support you in business or on a conception journey.

Kelsie Chernenko

Certified HeartBreath™ Coach

Kelsie is a mom of 2 young kids, wife, coffee lover, storyteller, Motherhood Coach & HeartBreath FacilitatorTM.

Despite always wanting to be a mom, after having her first child, Kelsie was blind-sided by the difficult realities of motherhood and the identity crisis that ensued. She felt lost, overwhelmed, and disconnected.

Determined to get back in the driver’s seat of her life, she set out on a path of self-discovery that involved her hitting rock bottom, finding her purpose, and starting a coaching business.

Now, as a certified Life Coach and HeartBreath™ Coach, she uses a variety of holistic modalities & techniques to help new moms navigate the transition to motherhood – and all the challenges that come with it – so they can step into their new identity with power & purpose, and start loving life again.

Area of Focus: Rediscovering Yourself in Motherhood, Challenges in Motherhood, Identity Shifts in Motherhood

Leanne Macdonald

Certified HeartBreath™ Coach

Hi! I’m Leanne Macdonald, a certified HeartBreath™ Coach based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia, and I am so happy to be able to bring this beautiful and profound healing modality to the East Coast.

I discovered Heartbreath™ breathwork in 2020 out of a combination of “I’m up for anything”, and “actively looking for deeper healing”.  That curiosity led to profound and positive changes in my emotional health.
With a background in Counselling, Life Coaching and as an EFT Practitioner, I have added Breathwork to complete my Holistic Healing Collective. My motto is ‘You are your own healer, I am simply your guide’, as my belief is we have what we need within us to heal. What we need is someone to walk along side us while we do so.
I offer in-person sessions in my home studio, or on-line via Zoom worldwide. Please reach out if you want to know more about it, you can book a session or a discovery call via my website.
I look forward to being your guide to your own healing.

Ashlee Colben

Certified HeartBreath™ Coach

Meet Ashlee, the heart behind Sacred Wildheart. Born and raised in Calgary, AB. After suffering from burnout and anxiety, Ashlee turned to different modalities to help regulate her nervous systems, such as meditation and Reiki, later becoming a Reiki Master Practitioner herself.

She then followed her heart nudge to become a HeartBreath™ Coach, not knowing how much connecting to her heart and breath would change her life.

Ashlee wants to inspire & empower others to connect to their sacred hearts and step into their wellness. Moving you from a place of anxiety into confidence and power. Her sessions include the extra healing energy of Reiki, Oracle card reading and beautifully curated playlists from her heart. Ashlee finds inspiration in the mountains, which she frequents often to ground, connect to her heart, and play with her two dogs.

Ashlee is based in Calgary & Sylvan Lake, Alberta and offers sessions online.

Lori Joe

Certified HeartBreath™ Coach

Lori is a Certified HeartBreath™ Coach located in Shishalh (Sechelt Nation) on the Sunshine Coast, BC. Drawing upon her background in yoga, therapeutic support, and a profound respect for her community’s heritage and culture, Lori has emerged as a significant force in facilitating healing within her community.

From her serene home-based healing space, complete with a sauna and cold plunge, Lori extends her services to both her community members and visitors to the Coast, providing a tranquil environment for rejuvenation and healing.

Melissa Lyons

Certified HeartBreath™ Coach

As a seasoned practitioner and facilitator, Melissa specializes in supporting individuals navigating stress and grief, guiding them towards alignment and harmony. Melissa firmly believe in the innate capacity for self-healing, especially when individuals are provided with compassionate support and the right tools for their journey.

Her journey with HeartBreath™ began during a period of grappling with anger and grief triggered by an injury that deeply impacted every aspect of my life – from relationships to work and my sense of identity. Feeling lost, a single HeartBreath™ session ignited a profound transformation, infusing my life with hope and joy once more. This experience compelled me to share the gift of HeartBreath™ with others, hoping they too could find solace and transformation.

With over a decade of experience in the wellness and transformation industry, I’ve had the privilege of supporting clients and instructing students as faculty. My credentials include international certification as a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist, advanced hatha yoga teacher, Pranic Healer, and HeartBreath™ Coach. My life’s mission is dedicated to helping individuals tap into their heart’s energy field, empowering them to liberate themselves from suffering.


Lauren Haugrad

HeartBreath™ Coach In-Training

Lauren, a nature enthusiast hailing from the Northern Coast of British Columbia, now resides in Okotoks with her husband and their bustling household, which includes three lively boys, two dogs, a cat, a fish, and even a frog.

Amidst her everyday adventures, Lauren is actively pursuing personal and professional growth. She’s currently training as a HeartBreath™ Coach, Somatic Embodiment Coach, Brain Body Being Facilitator, and qigong instructor.

Lauren is also a Level Two Usui Holy Fire III Reiki Practitioner and Access Bars Practitioner.

As a mother to neurodivergent children, Lauren offers valuable insight and support to parents within the special needs community. She is dedicated to helping parents find calm and ease in body, mind, and spirit, allowing them to fully show up for their remarkable children.

In Lauren’s vision, harmony prevails within the nervous system, and a sense of belonging thrives in a nurturing community. Rooted in the belief that healing, breaking cycles, and embracing paradigm shifts are catalysts for positive change.

Charisse Taylor

HeartBreath™ Coach In-Training

I’m Charisse Taylor, founder of Phoenix Rising Wellness in Roberts Creek, BC, nestled on the Sunshine Coast. My journey began as a highly sensitive person navigating high-functioning anxiety. Over time, I encountered health scares, family struggles, and relationship traumas, prompting a quest for a more fulfilling life and holistic healing.

Through HeartBreath, I facilitate healing and growth using somatic energy work. As an intuitive Reiki master teacher, holistic counsellor, and trauma-informed life coach, I draw from various modalities, including Reiki, CBT, DBT, Narrative Therapy, and Somatic Therapy.

I provide online sessions and will soon offer in-person sessions to support individuals on their path to wellness.

Tammy Delaney-Plugowsky

HeartBreath™ In Training

Tammy is a leadership development and executive coach based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, specializing in empowering women leaders. Her approach integrates traditional coaching with HeartBreath (HB) techniques, enhancing clients’ access to their intuition and inner wisdom, a method inspired by my own healing journey.

Offering both Conscious Circular Breathwork and coaching, Tammy’s services are primarily virtual, with the option for in-person sessions in Ottawa for specific needs.

With over 25 years in leadership roles, a Master’s in Organizational Leadership from Royal Roads University, Certified Executive Coach credentials, and an ACC designation from the ICF, Tammy brings a rich background and a holistic approach to leadership coaching.

Krystle Young

HeartBreath™ In-Training

Krystle Young is a Reiki Level 1 practitioner based in Squamish, British Columbia who is currently offering conscious circular breathwork sessions. With a profound passion for facilitating healing and growth, Krystle discovered her calling in breathwork after experiencing its transformative effects firsthand during a HeartBreath™ session.

Inspired by this experience, she embarked on a journey to become certified in conscious circular breath and is currently working towards full certification as a HeartBreath™ practitioner.

Krystle brings a unique blend of compassion and understanding to her practice, drawing on her personal life experiences to create a safe and supportive environment for her clients. With nine years of experience as a stay-at-home mom and a deep commitment to helping others, Krystle is dedicated to guiding individuals on their journey towards holistic well-being and self-discovery.

Melanie Marsolais

HeartBreath™ Coach In-Training

Melanie, a dedicated life coach, breathwork facilitator, and founder of Melanie Dawn Coaching, specializes in guiding women on their transformative journey from negative body image to self-acceptance. With compassion and a wealth of experience, she helps clients uncover layers of self-doubt and cultivate profound self-love and acceptance.

Her approach is rooted in the belief that every woman deserves to embrace her unique beauty and worth. Through personalized coaching sessions and the power of breathwork, Melanie creates a safe and supportive space for exploration and growth.

Through her own journey with negative body image, Melanie realized her passion for helping others navigate their self-discovery journey. Her mission is to empower women to reclaim ownership of their bodies and lives, celebrating their inherent worthiness. Join her on this transformative journey, and together, let’s unlock the infinite potential that resides within you.

Melanie is located in Cloverdale, BC and taking in-person and online clients.

Abby Hildebrand

HeartBreath Coaching In-Training
Abby Hildebrand is a dedicated Trauma-Informed Breathwork Facilitator with a profound mission to empower leaders and caregivers to embrace the art of slowing down, enabling them to show up more fully in their lives. Using Trauma-informed practices, she works with individuals and teams to reclaim their emotional and physical health through collaborative and individualized coaching, workshops, and corporate group classes. Through her work, she offers a sanctuary for self-discovery, personal growth, and well-being, where every breath becomes a step towards a more vibrant, fulfilling life.
Abby first found HeartBreath when she was in her early post-partum days and it was such a gift to receive that healing and support from Loretta! She is overjoyed and so honoured that she now gets to share the power of this incredible healing modality with others in her community.
Services are offered in person across the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island, and the Sunshine Coast, as well as globally via Zoom.

Anna Klimes

Anna Mila is a global citizen who has immersed herself in diverse cultures across the Czech Republic, Germany, Canada, Taiwan, China, and currently Hungary. Drawing from her rich international experiences, she channels a profound understanding of various perspectives into her roles as a yoga and breathwork practitioner and International Baccalaureate educator.

With a career spanning back to 2004, she has contributed to international school settings in roles ranging from language development specialist to atelierista, homeroom teacher, and music teacher.

Anna’s passion for creative expression, self-awareness, and well-being is what led her to branch into the realm of holistic health. Currently, she is actively engaged in supporting members of her community, helping them overcome personal roadblocks, past traumas, and to find fulfillment. In her transformative work, Anna guides clients on a journey to connect with their inner wisdom, facilitating a deeper self-discovery that leads to joy, purpose, and contentment. Anna works with clients in person in Hungary and will have online sessions available starting in March.

As an advocate for lifelong learning, Anna is furthering her expertise in meditation practices under the guidance of Sandy Koun, a Bihar Yoga trained teacher. Additionally, she is gearing up for a Master’s degree in psychology, aiming to augment her ability to assist clients in navigating life’s challenging moments.

Dr. Katherine Endy

HeartBreath™ Coach In-Training

Dr. Katherine Endy holds a PhD from the University of Maryland, Baltimore, where her research focused on parenting stress, emotion regulation, self-compassion, and mindfulness. Katherine is thrilled to integrate breathwork and heart science into her practice, offering clients innovative tools for emotional well-being and resilience.

With a background in play therapy, Dr. Endy brings extensive clinical experience working with children and parents during the early parenting phase. She has also contributed to early childhood education as both a teacher and a trainer of ECE professionals.

Specializing in supporting parents of highly sensitive or neurodivergent children, Dr. Endy offers tailored guidance to address unique challenges and promote holistic family well-being.

Originally from the coast of Maine, Dr. Endy now resides in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, with her husband and three children. Through virtual platforms, she provides services to clients across the US, Canada, and around the globe.