Trauma is part of life, it's not a life sentence. The pain you are and have experienced can be healed and transformed.

In this 1 hour and 16-minute master class, you'll gain incredible insight into increasing your personal and professional awareness of what trauma is to support a new thriving state of being for yourself and others.


  • What is trauma?
  • Why do we experience trauma?
  • The Trauma Triangle
  • Self Assessment + Reflection Coaching
  • 6 Powerful Trauma Transformers

Gain incredible insight to your life, your experiences and what you need to move forward in life and business.

Gain tools to transform cycles of victimization, self-harm and addictions while increasing your confidence, self-love and possibilities in your life.

'After taking this master class, I finally understood why so many of my clients were failing to meet their end game. They had all the resources and answers and yet couldn't fully move forward. So much great information!'
— A.Q., Coach + Educator

"Instantly informative and in-depth. The 6 Transformers at the end were so powerful. Thank you!"
- Hannah, Student

"The way you define trauma and how inclusive and safe it feels, it was truly eye opening for me." -Jannelle, Educator

"Let's shift the media-driven definitions and move into a more inclusive state of healing and thriving."

After years of working in the field of human services globally, with some of the most diverse populations on this planet, I can tell you the information in this master class is the exact reason why professionals don't get the results they know they can achieve with clients and students and why people fail to meet their goals and dreams. This class is the beginning of a whole new way of looking at your life, your work and those you serve.

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