Live Master Class • Monday, July 20th • 7-8:30 PM PDT


"to create whole, vibrant, deeply fulfilling relationships we must first step into more self-awareness and self-love."

In this time of unprecedented global shifts, we are recognizing more than ever how important healthy relationships are. Yet it tends to be an area where people have a lot of confusion and questions. To create a new reality outside ourselves, we must first create a new one within.

In this workshop, we'll explore tools and teachings to create a beautiful, loving relationship with yourself and attract the deeply, fulfilling romantic relationship you have always longed for.

We are going to answer:

+ What are relationships (fundamentally)?

+ Why is conscious exploration of our relationships important?

+ How do our outer relationships reflect our inner workings?

+ How we can heal + transform our experiences?

We are going to experience:

+ how we can transform our relationship patterns and create deeply fulfilling relationships using Constellation Work.

+ connecting to our power center and opening to our full expression through breathwork.

+ deepening our growth and healing using coaching techniques.


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Meet Loretta.

Loretta Cella is Life + Leadership Practitioner who focuses on wellness from the inside out. She holds a Masters in Leadership from Royal Roads University and has been a certified ICF coach since 2007. From grassroots charity work globally to working on government projects and initiatives as a change and organizational development consultant, Loretta is no stranger to supporting people from all backgrounds and ages to lead healthier lives both in and out of the workplace. She is a seasoned public speaker, and passionate about conscious living, raising people potential, the outdoors, and being immersed in diverse cultures. In addition to her formal education, Loretta is a trained body therapy breathwork facilitator and integrates the practice into her client's coaching experiences.

Meet James.

James Woeber is a best-selling author, international trainer and consultant who helps thought leaders, socially-minded entrepreneurs and organizations to manifest their greatest dreams and serve as powerful change agents in the world. He is Co-Founder and CEO of Art of Heartful Living, a leadership and human potential training firm that for over 20 years has helped people free themselves from barriers to success, find deeper purpose and fulfillment, and create powerful change in their personal lives, organizations, and communities. James is also a multi-award winning producer, director and writer in film, video, and multimedia having worked with organizations as diverse as socially-conscious nonprofits to Fortune 1000 companies.