Corporate Wellness

Your leaders and teams matter.



One in four Canadians screened positive for symptoms of anxiety, depression and or PTSD in 2021 according to Statistics Canada. That’s 25% of your team either openly or privately impacted by mental health challenges. (Please note this does not account for those who are not speaking up.)


Supporting your people with heart-centered wellness tools and resources is the most cost-effective way to increase individual and team coherence, reduce sick leave, retain employees and optimize performance and customer care.


Your people need to know you care about their well-being.


Whether you are looking for stability during a significant change, to support mental or emotional health during challenge global shifts, increase community, or simply seeking to expand and sharpen creative processes, there are several resources I can help you and your team with.



I've spend 24 years in human services globally- from non profit and health care to tech and construction

Optimize your roi with individual and team wellness by Curating a plan that's right for You!

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With over 24 years in numerous sectors globally and a background in leadership, change management, organizational development, coaching, wellness initiatives and leading HeartBreath classes to hundreds of people globally, I have a vast toolbox that I can customize an approach and offering that is right for you and your team.

In the past few years, I have:

+ curated wellness programs and wellness days,
+ provided holistic leadership coaching,
+ been keynote and inservice speaker,
+. offered breathwork and meditation sessions

Organizations have included Michels Canada, Vision Critical, City of Vancouver, Vancouver Coastal Health, Lululemon staff, and many more.

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Note: Sessions can be offered in person or online.

I currently have 5 customizable courses:

How to Eliminate Burnout– For leaders and teams who have lost of work/life balance and as a result burning-out, under-performing, or have increased sick-time. The course offers participants an opportunity to learn theory in story format, self-assess, and gain tools and insights into how to move out patterns of cycles of burn-out and increase their connection to work and life.

Leaders for Change– This three module course supports emerging and new leaders with the foundation of effective leadership to ensure values based, community -centered, service.

From Trauma to Transformation 1/2– This session boils down complex trauma cycles every human has into a simple, digestible model for moving out of trauma impacts and responses into a thriving life.

Change 101– This session is an introduction to being with and working through change and decreasing risks along the way.

You Matter- This session supports leaders and teams to realize how powerful they are and with the right self-awareness and action how they can make a work of difference in the lives of others.

Have a topic in mind? With over 18 years creating workshops and sessions, I can curate any experiential, interactive workshop or session needed for your organization.

The basis of HeartBreath is using our breath and heart’s electromagnetic field to deepen our connection to our body, move out of our mind and open our hearts to increase our coherence.

This is a scientific process that is based on neuroscience, positive psychology and values based principles.

The benefits are endless.

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My background is vast and I put value in ongoing learning.

I hold a Masters in Leadership from Royal Roads University and have been a certified ICF coach since 2017 under two disciplines.

I have been Prosci certified and have had a number of other trainings in project management, negotiations, non violent communication, anti-oppression training and emotional intelligence.

Among other education and designations including CCDP and CYCC, I founded a charity and co-founded another that took us to over 13 countries providing leadership development, change support and community development.

In 2019/2020, I completed two circular, Holotropic-style breathwork trainings that I now integrate into my offerings.

At present, I’m completing my HeartMath Professional Interventions Certification.

You can learn more here.

Groups size depend on size of room and support.

I have a 1:20 ratio for HeartBreath sessions. For every 20 people, we need one team member to assist. This can be either be internal or I have a number of incredible practitioners I can invite to assist.

This is to ensure everyone feels supports during their experience.

For larger group sizes, I will custom the experience to ensure a gentle yet profound heart-centered experience.



Prices vary based on offering.

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My Approach

In my practice, I utilize 15 years of certified coaching, leadership development and change management experiences globally, HeartMath, neuroscience, 14 years of practicing yoga and meditation along with my breathwork training under two well-known instructors, Rebecca Kordecki and David Elliott. These customized sessions also bring in energy healing work that I have spent the last 10 years honing and connecting with to increase your experiences.

“From the bottom of my heart and soul I thank you…Your kindness and spirit allowed me to feel whole.”

 Vanessa, RN, Vancouver, BC