What if you could never make a wrong decision again?

What might you gain?

How might it serve your wellness and wellbeing?

This transformational session is like nothing you've even experienced before. Begin to transform your life in under two hours.

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Benefits you can expect

+ transformation of underlying anger, unmet needs, and discomfort to joy

+ a clear connection and precise definitions to your core values

+ an increase of energy and motivation

+ a decrease in stress and anxiety due to uncertainty and lack of direction

+ an increase your physical, mental, and emotional wellness

+ an opportunity to creatively express yourself and

+ an awareness and knowledge of how to never make a wrong decision again and communicate your needs with more certainty.

What clients say

" It changes the way you colour your world." - KG, Health Practitioner

"I've spent thousands on personal and professional development and this session shook me at my core. The one hour core values discovery session is a unicorn of a workshop and Loretta is masterful at guiding you through it!"

Tia Kelly
Intl Coach, Founder and Philanthropist

"Working with Loretta, through her unique approach, is transformative. She has a way of peeling away layers through a simple process to uncover the values that lie beneath, and helps you to articulate, and then own them."

Jill Earthy
CEO, Women's Enterprise Center of BC

"I was a bit skeptic heading into this session I have to admit as I had never worked with Loretta before. However, she came highly recommended as a specialist in this work. I leaned into the process and wow! By the end of the session I felt alive, on purpose and so excited for the next steps."

Sarah G.