Lauren Haugrad

Lauren, a nature enthusiast hailing from the Northern Coast of British Columbia, now resides in Okotoks with her husband and their bustling household, which includes three lively boys, two dogs, a cat, a fish, and even a frog.

Charisse Taylor

I’m Charisse Taylor, founder of Phoenix Rising Wellness in Roberts Creek, BC, nestled on the Sunshine Coast. My journey began as a highly sensitive person navigating high-functioning anxiety. Over time, I encountered health scares, family struggles, and relationship traumas, prompting a quest for a more fulfilling life and holistic healing.

Tammy Delaney-Plugowsky

Tammy is a leadership development and executive coach based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, specializing in empowering women leaders. Her approach integrates traditional coaching with HeartBreath (HB) techniques, enhancing clients’ access to their intuition and inner wisdom, a method inspired by my own healing journey.

Krystle Young

Krystle Young is a Reiki Level 1 practitioner based in Squamish, British Columbia who is currently offering conscious circular breathwork sessions. With a profound passion for facilitating healing and growth, Krystle discovered her calling in breathwork after experiencing its transformative effects firsthand during a HeartBreath™ session.

Melanie Marsolais

Melanie, a dedicated life coach, breathwork facilitator, and founder of Melanie Dawn Coaching, specializes in guiding women on their transformative journey from negative body image to self-acceptance. With compassion and a wealth of experience, she helps clients uncover layers of self-doubt and cultivate profound self-love and acceptance.

Abby Hildebrand

Abby Hildebrand is a dedicated Trauma-Informed Breathwork Facilitator with a profound mission to empower leaders and caregivers to embrace the art of slowing down, enabling them to show up more fully in their lives. Using Trauma-informed practices, she works with individuals and teams to reclaim their emotional and physical health through collaborative and individualized coaching, […]