Robyn Gooding

Robyn is a multifaceted entrepreneur, certified HeartBreath™ Practitioner, Feminine Embodiment Coach, and business strategist. Through her businesses, The Mothered Business and The Fertility Cocoon, she empowers women in business and those yearning for motherhood.

Kelsie Chernenko

Kelsie is a mom of 2 young kids, wife, coffee lover, storyteller, Motherhood Coach & HeartBreath FacilitatorTM. Despite always wanting to be a mom, after having her first child, Kelsie was blind-sided by the difficult realities of motherhood and the identity crisis that ensued. She felt lost, overwhelmed, and disconnected.

Leanne Macdonald

Hi! I’m Leanne Macdonald, a certified HeartBreath™ Coach based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia, and I am so happy to be able to bring this beautiful and profound healing modality to the East Coast.

Ashlee Colben

Meet Ashlee, the heart behind Sacred Wildheart. Born and raised in Calgary, AB. After suffering from burnout and anxiety, Ashlee turned to different modalities to help regulate her nervous systems, such as meditation and Reiki, later becoming a Reiki Master Practitioner herself.

Lori Joe

Lori is a Certified HeartBreath™ Coach located in Shishalh (Sechelt Nation) on the Sunshine Coast, BC. Drawing upon her background in yoga, therapeutic support, and a profound respect for her community’s heritage and culture, Lori has emerged as a significant force in facilitating healing within her community.

Melissa Lyons

As a seasoned practitioner and facilitator, Melissa specializes in supporting individuals navigating stress and grief, guiding them towards alignment and harmony. Melissa firmly believe in the innate capacity for self-healing, especially when individuals are provided with compassionate support and the right tools for their journey.