HeartBreath 101


Never underestimate the ability your breath has over your mental wellbeing.

Whether you are looking for stability during a change, to support your mental or emotional health, or simply looking to expand and sharpen your mind and bring more ease into your life, a Breathwork session can help you.

What exactly is Breathwork?

There are 3 parent style of breathwork: Pranayama, Holotropic and Rebirthing. I integrate a breath-led body therapy (very similar to Holotropic breathwork) into my work. This style of breathwork can help to restore mental and physical health. Using our breath to support our health is one of the oldest and most effective methods, and yet we often only utilise about 30% of our breathing capacity.

When this style of breathwork coupled with neuroscience, somatic and heart energy work, yoga nidra and collective experiences, transformation is endless. I have coined this powerful practice HeartBreath Therapy.

During our HeartBreath sessions, you will use deep, intentional and rhythmatic breathwork to support the opening of your body and mind, and release mental and physical blocks. You will release old tensions in your body and memories, allowing you feel more ease, less stress and align yourself more closely with your body and needs.

My sessions and classes will be a very unique experience to you. In my practice, I utilize 12 years of certified coaching and change management experiences globally, 14 years of practicing yoga and meditation  along with my breathwork training under two well-known instructors, Rebecca Kordecki and David Elliott. These customized sessions also bring in energy healing work that I have spend the last 10 years honing and connecting with to increase your experiences.

I focus each session on supporting clients where they are at on their journey and what they need using a powerful combination of science, nature and spirit.

“My breathwork session was very personal. I’m grateful Loretta was the practitioner as I felt completely safe. I felt I could trust Loretta which allowed me to relax into the session.”

How can this help you?

People have used breathworks to work through a range of issues from developing and increasing self-awareness, to enriching creativity, to overcoming addictions. If you suffer from mental or emotional health issues such as anxiety, depression or even grief, breathwork can allow you to work through these in a sustainable manner.

The effects of breathwork include but not limited to:

  • increased oxygen to your brain and heart
  • reduced stress and increased endorphins
  • a deeper connection to your inner thoughts, feelings and peace
  • closer alignment with your body and needs.

Breathwork is not known to be harmful in any way, but the immediate experience can feel uncomfortable for some. By tapping in to your subconscious mind, repressed thoughts and feelings can be released in a cathartic manner. The first 24 hours are the most powerful and then integration of the experience begins to happen.

Breathwork is powerful, however, this isn’t a magical transformation within seconds kind of experience; everyone’s body and mind is different and will react in a different way, so be kind to yourself and give yourself appropriate time to realize the effects.

“Right after the session and the days following, I felt like I was finally able to breathe a full deep breath. My anxiety- the tightness I usually feel in my chest-had subsided.”

Structure and impact

A HeartBreath Therapy session lasts an average of 75 minutes, but this can be shortened to suit your needs. I offer 45 minute taster sessions for beginners or those who are more apprehensive about undertaking a HeartBreath session.

Before your sessions starts, we’ll sit and chat for a bit. I’ll learn more about you, your current needs and ensure you have a clear intention on what you want to work on using coaching and change management tools to feel grounded in the experience.

Once we have a clear intention, I’ll guide you through the three part breathing method and then we’ll begin the journey. To close the intentional HeartBreath session, we’ll set some action and care steps.

Then within 24 hours of your session, you’ll receive a communication from me to check in and see how things are going in case you might have any questions.

“Being led through a breath work session by Loretta was incredible. She knew exactly what to say in order for me to get the most out of the experience. It was very tailored to the intentions I set.”


I currently offer introduction HeartBreath sessions, full experience sessions and couples sessions. To learn more, please contact me for details.

Intro Mini Session (45 minutes): $80 includes  24 hour follow up (virtual)- First time clients only.

Full Breathwork (75 minutes): $220 includes 24 hour follow up (in person or virtual)

Couple session (90 minutes) $220 includes 24 hour follow up (in person or virtual)

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