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Have you ever had a brilliant idea…an idea you know will just be incredible to execute? You’ve spent hours, maybe even days, or years dreaming about it. You’ve romanticized it and imagined yourself riding the waves at the front of your very own ship.

You finally get the courage to share your brilliant idea with people who are important to you. You are shocked by their response. “ Well, that’s quite the dream. What makes you think that’s even possible?” they tell you.
And your ship, like the titanic, hits an iceberg and sinks.

Me too.

However,  in 2007, a small group of people intervened and believed I had something to offer. Although I did not want to ignite my idea on my own, they convinced me to. The journey to create my first non-profit, Passion to Lead, has been incredible. I’m proud and grateful that my small sailing ship has impacted nearly 5000 young women’s lives in ten countries and resulted in a documentary series launching 2018.

I could not have built it without the support of that small group of people.
With full disclosure, it has been challenging and at times I was scared, frustrated, and tired. I was attending university full-time, working,  running the non-profit and trying for athletic races.

While working on my Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership at Royal Roads University in British Columbia, I asked someone dear to me, “What does leadership mean?”. Her answer was brilliant and resonated deeply. So much so, it is the foundation for my new journey. She said, “There is only one definition of leadership…to be of service”. She believes the world has lost its way and there is no room to act alone anymore. “Our world needs us to be together, to harmonize and use our talents for good,” she told me.

Service and partnerships are the underlying beliefs and values to all my endeavours. It’s my way of being of service to people like you, supporting your development from the inside out. I’m so thrilled to bring my 15 years of human services experiences globally together to ensure the best possible services to all those who want to take their lives and businesses to the next level.

Whether you are an individual with a big idea, a leader who wants to personally level up or take your organization to the next level I have the complete resources and over 15 years of experience to get you there.

Are you ready?!

Speaking, training, and consulting

Events & Organizations

Vision Critical
WCG International
Bodwell Intl
United Nations Intl School
BC Community Living
Lower Mainland Local Government Association
SFU, International Women’s Day
LEED SFU Youth Day
MDA Technologies
WCG International
Red Cross Kenya
Dress for Success Vancouver
SVI Hollyhock
Simon Fraser University
Helderberg Rape Crisis Center
Global Leadership Concerns India
British Columbia Youth Policing Network
Attorney General’s Office
Premiers Youth Office
YWCA of Greater Toronto
New Westminster Secondary School
Vancouver School District
North Vancouver School District
Burnaby School District
New Westminster School District
Surrey School District
City of Vancouver
City of Burnaby
City of New Westminster
Pacific Community Resource Society
Simon Fraser University
Capilano University
Me Inc. UBC
Projecting Change Film Festival

Personal & Professional

Education & Interests

2016: Foundations to Project Management, City of Vancouver
2015: Negotiations Level One, JIBC
2014: Prosci, Change Management Certification, Navigo
2013: Masters of Arts, Leadership, Royal Roads University
2011: Canadian Career Development Practioner Certification
2010: CCDP Ethics / Career Practioner Theories Douglas College Van, BC
2010: Non Violent Crisis Invention Certification Vancouver,BC
2009-10: The Art of Science & Coaching- Erickson Coaching Institute Van,BC
2007: Foundations MCP- MentorCoach (ICF)- Washington, USA
2006- Life Skills Coach 2, YWCA Professional Training
2005- Life Skills Coach, YWCA Professional Training- Ontario
2005-Child and Youth Care Counselling Diploma, Douglas College- BC


Coaching for Excellence, Overcoming Adversities, Leadership and Community Engagement, Human Process Development, Social Impact, Relationship Development, Emotional Intelligence, Labour Market Information, EP Training, Anti Oppression, Suicide Prevention/ Invention, Gangs/Violence, Media Instruction, Healthy Choices, Behavioural Modification, Working with Mental Health, Sexual Exploitation/ Abuse, Dealing with Difficult Situations, Residential Care for Addictions, 7 Habits of Highly Successful Teens, and more.



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