About Loretta


Hi there,

I trust you’re here on this page, out of the millions out there, because we’re meant to connect.

There is a good chance that you have a calling to be of higher service to the world- to help, heal, assist those in need, and make the world a better place in your unique way.

You’re most likely on a passionate pursuit to feel more connected and in tune with yourself, your purpose, your wellness, and your work. 

You have felt and are feeling a strong “nudge” to level up. 

You are ready to transition from what isn’t working and into what is waiting and possible.

You might also be feeling burn-out, overwhelmed, and anxious- “behind the scenes.”

I believe the key to navigating wellness in life is based on how aware, intentional, and integral we are. When we aren’t fully aware of what’s going on, our stories of why, and make changes that aren’t in line with our core values, living in old stories, life becomes more challenging, and our wellness suffers. 

The challenges we experience then override the triumphs and the shifts we are hoping for coming and going too fast or don’t come to fruition. We spend more time on temporary fixes rather than getting great results. We have put others first, ourselves second.

If you haven’t seen it yet, know you’ve arrived here because you are in the midst of an evolutionary change or about to embark on it. 

Consciously or subconsciously, you’re hoping to find the right solution and guide to help shape your next steps with more ease, less risk, and reliable results. Does that sound about right?

Now, you’re probably wondering- “Can she guide me through this?”

Like many of you, I have a wide range of life experiences. Some have landed me flat on my ass, feeling broke (and literally broke), indifferent about life, and unsure of what’s ahead. Others have lifted me, taken me on some WILD adventures, given me some of the most incredible gifts, and surrounded me with things that were beyond what I ever imagined. All have taken me on an incredible journey that has landed me here… in a world I never thought possible, guiding people like you into profound connections with their souls.

NOTHING would pull me away from saying

“I can absolutely guide you through this.”

If I haven’t been there myself, I’ve worked with people who have. 

Over the last 18 years, I’ve supported a wide variety of clients, from COOs and community leaders to incarcerated and entrenched street youth and first-time mothers grounding themselves in their new chapter of life. I have ran, walked, and sat along some of the most dynamic people.

I customize my approach to each person/ business I work with based on needs. I always stand by my core values of ensuring that I inspire positive change, create a sense of community, and connect individuals to a more fulfilling contribution in this life. I’ve been at this powerful unfolding journey for almost 18 years, and so far, it’s been pretty incredible.

I am your guide to more focus, clarity and connection.

There are three things you can guarantee when we work together-

First, I’m real. Who you see is who you get. I will show up, ready to connect and assist your journey.

Second, I’m thorough in my training. No weekend warrior courses can give someone what I have. I hold a master’s degree in Leadership from Royal Roads University, am a certified ICF coach trained under two disciplines, and have over 14 years of coaching experience with clients all over the world. I am Prosci (change management) certified and have several other courses under my belt. In 2019, my career led me into a new direction and I added two modalities of holotropic-style breathwork (or circular breathing) to deepen my client’s experiences. In 2021, I made a decision to begin my HeartMath Professional Certification to offer clients a new level of inner leadership, healing and resiliency support.

Thirdly, I’ve lived a full life: I’ve traveled extensively, having worked in 15 countries. I started a charity and co-founded another. Co-produced a documentary and have been a two time TEDx speaker.  Over the years, I’ve worked on multi-million dollar projects, rescued two dogs and two kittens, became a mother, navigated some very hard life experiences (some with more grace than others), and above all have created a beautiful life full of incredible adventures that weave magic into my work life.

As a global citizen, I have a very unique and holistic approach to guiding people through soulful transformation and change.

Science is the foundation of my learning, nature is the method of creating and carrying out practices, and spirit is what drives it all. Any successful change needs all three of these to succeed and should build awareness, focus on intentional action, and work to shift all parts of the experience to create a thriving state of being.

The Power of the Three

I offer holistic services to ensure sustainable change. The integration of coaching, body therapy breathwork and education has proven time and time again to increase client results and satisfaction and reduce time working on challenges.

95% of my clients achieve their desired outcomes in 90 days!

The video next explains why.

Events & Organizations

Michels Canada
Vision Critical
WCG International
University of British Columbia
Bodwell Intl
United Nations Intl School
BC Community Living
Lower Mainland Local Government Association
SFU, International Women’s Day
LEED SFU Youth Day
MDA Technologies
WCG International
Red Cross Kenya
Dress for Success Vancouver
SVI Hollyhock
Simon Fraser University
Helderberg Rape Crisis Center
Global Leadership Concerns India
British Columbia Youth Policing Network
Attorney General’s Office
Premiers Youth Office
YWCA of Greater Toronto
New Westminster Secondary School
Vancouver School District
North Vancouver School District
Burnaby School District
New Westminster School District
Surrey School District
City of Vancouver
City of Burnaby
City of New Westminster
Pacific Community Resource Society
Simon Fraser University
Capilano University
Me Inc. UBC
Projecting Change Film Festival


& Interests

2022: Certified HeartMath Practitioner, HeartMath Institute
2020: Conscious Connected Breathwork- David Elliott
2019: Conscious Connected Breathwork- Rebecca Kordecki
2016: Foundations to Project Management, City of Vancouver
2015: Negotiations Level One, JIBC
2014: Prosci, Change Management Certification, Navigo
2013: Masters of Arts, Leadership, Royal Roads University
2011: Canadian Career Development Practioner Certification
2010: CCDP Ethics / Career Practioner Theories Douglas College Van, BC
2010: Non Violent Crisis Invention Certification Vancouver,BC
2009-10: The Art of Science & Coaching- Erickson Coaching Institute Van,BC
2007: Foundations MCP- MentorCoach (ICF)- Washington, USA
2006- Life Skills Coach 2, YWCA Professional Training
2005- Life Skills Coach, YWCA Professional Training- Ontario
2005-Child and Youth Care Counselling Diploma, Douglas College- BC


Coaching for Excellence, Overcoming Adversities, Leadership and Community Engagement, Human Process Development, Social Impact, Relationship Development, Emotional Intelligence, Labour Market Information, EP Training, Anti Oppression, Suicide Prevention/ Invention, Gangs/Violence, Media Instruction, Healthy Choices, Behavioural Modification, Working with Mental Health, Sexual Exploitation/ Abuse, Dealing with Difficult Situations, Residential Care for Addictions, 7 Habits of Highly Successful Teens, and more. 

If you are ready to step into a heart to heart experience and journey with me book a Heart-2-Heart with me to learn more.