Are you ready to step into your heart's desires and connect to a more purpose-filled life?

Let's knock 2020 out of the park and walk into 2021 with a full, purpose-filled heart.

This 90 day experience is going to be the most holistic coaching program you'll ever participate in.

I am taking my 20 years in human services, 13 years of coaching and education, my passion for supporting people's wellness through breathwork and wrapping it all up in a bow just for you!

In this 3 month experience, you can expect to nourish your soul, unlock your potential, step into your heart and create incredible possibilities in your life.

The program has three key parts for holistic wellness and change:

1P: Foundational Education

Receive 1 monthly pre-recorded lesson on transformational leadership + powerful coaching exercises to accompany the lesson. (Value $395)

1P: Transformational Coaching

Participate in one intimate and powerful group coaching session and receive a one to one coaching session per month. (Value $325/mo)

1P: Healing Breathwork

Participate in as many transformation breathwork classes as you want per month. (Value $160/mo)

Breathwork with Loretta has been the most fascinating and rewarding journey. By following a particular pattern of breathing accompanied by her carefully selected music, I can quiet the chatter in my head and let my body and my heart express itself. My experiences have been varied but always profound, tears, laughter, realizations, crazy movements. The most obvious benefit is the release of tension, not just the recent day's or week's tension, but stuff that has been held in the body for years. Loretta sets a scene for one to just let it go. And the shift one feels afterwards is lasting, I imagine probably permanent. I do think my experience of Covid and lockdown has been greatly helped by my weekly breathwork class. I am able to stay in a state of appreciation and love rather than concern for all that unfolds. Priceless!

— Fiona Affarno, La Jolla, California, Pilates Studio Owner 

Why a 90-day program?

Science suggests it takes approximately 86 days to restructure neuropathways, heal, and clear self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviours to stay on a course of wellness. When something is repeated for 90 days, the change in sustainable change is heightened exponentially.

In 13 years of coaching clients globally, my success rate for coaching people under 90 days is about 60-75%. When I work with people for 90 days, the success rate jumps to 95%. Consistent support and repeated engagement are fundamental to sustainable change, as is a holistic approach to healing and creating possibilities.

It's time you lived into your truth.

This year has been a whirlwind of chaos, change, uncertainty, unravelling, and fear. It's broken the mould we were living in and forced us into something new, whether we thought we were ready for it or not. It's opened us up to our heart's needs.

If you have are:

+ ready to release old wounds and traumas and connect to more love and lightness in your life
+ seeking a space to development and evolve yourself and your life
+ keen to explore spirituality and your connect to your Higher Self
+ eager to connect to more a purpose-filled and passionate life from a place of deep self love

you are ready to receive the incredible rewards of this program!

This group experience is going to bring us into our power, give us the ability to fully take back our lives, drop us into our feminine wholeness (our hearts) and gift us with a year ahead that is our own, on our terms, in our way, full of purpose and connection to wellness.

Part One: Foundational Education

You will receive three, one-hour pre-recorded lessons and exercises to deepen your connection to your leadership. The Fundamentals of Effective Leadership is a transformational leadership program that I've taught to professionals and students for six years. It allows us to step into our leadership, redefine our community and get connected to our purpose to change actively.

Lesson One: Self Leadership- Our Foundation for Personal and Professional Success
Lesson Two: Community- Redefining our Community and Enhancing our Support System
Lesson Three: Service + Contribution- Leaving Our Personal Imprint

" The Fundamentals of Effective Leadership program is one of the most transformational series I've ever done. Loretta's friendly-professional and culturally sensitive approach is amazing. She's an inspiring educator.
I highly recommend this series."
Danielle, Director, Intl Education and Career Development

Part Two: Transformational Coaching

Your small group coaching sessions will take place on a the 3rd Sunday of every month in the evening for one hour. The group will submit life/ professional questions they'd like coaching around and we'll create a powerful group experience to unlock and unblock each participant's needs and desires.

In your one to one laser sessions, you'll have an opportunity to bring your main challenge that month into a call with me, and we'll take 25 minutes and create change together!

BONUS: You'll also receive a copy of my Transition Essentials Journal ( Value $22)

" Loretta is a perfect medium between a kick in the butt and a good hug. Working with her changed everything in my life for the better"- Katie Jeans, Red Academy

Part Three: Healing Breathwork

You'll have access to four, 60-75 minute body therapy breathwork classes each month. Each class has a beautifully and intentionally curated playlist based on the theme of the class to bring you deep healing and transformation.

BONUS: You'll receive a personal sized pouch of my Ground, Reset and Nourish Tea locally crafted certified organic tea in the mail each month.

I don't know where to even begin. WOW! Thank you does not even come close. There are no words to the experience I had in class this evening. So powerful! Chad Weir, Vancouver, BC, Consultant

Don't wait. This series starts October 18th and runs through December 27th.

Step into this holistic, life changing experience
for now. 

I'm ready! Let's do this!