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40 Day Wellness Challenge

Starts May 22, 2020


40 days - 40 wellness lessons + some amazing gifts

  • Receive one *Transition Essentials Self Care Journal in the mail
  • Become part of the private Elevate Your Facebook community page
  • Receive 40 days of mini wellness lessons from incredible small business owners from Canada, USA and some global nomads.
  • Become 1 of 100 participants to raise $1000 for Battered Women's Support Services

transform your life, your wellbeing and support women in need for $1 a day

Forty of my incredible friends and colleagues are coming together this May to offer you their passions and expertise so that you increase your wellness and elevate your life.

In this 40 days of wellness challenge, some very cool entrepreneurs are bringing you forty wellness sessions, in forty minutes or under. Each session will be different and include everything you need to feed your physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual wellness.

We promise you'll walk away with some incredible new skills, fun recipes, some cool art projects, laughs, maybe even a new DIY hair stylish and good energy buzz.

Not to mention, I'll be sending you one of my Transition Essentials Journals to up your self-care game and gift you a mini-coaching session.

Want to know what the best part is?

Once we reach 100 participants in the challenge, I'll be donating $1000 to
Battered Women Support Services. This incredible organization based in Vancouver, BC, supports the safety, health, and wellbeing of women and children.

Sounds too good to be true?

It's not. I promise you.

You'll get all of this for $40.

So what's with all the 40s?!

It's my 40th birthday.

I had a whole big, fantastic plan for me. Five-day retreat in Mexico, a big house party on my return, and then the world said I needed to have a different plan.

So here it is.

I asked some of my coolest friends with small businesses to join me and share their gifts for my birthday with all of you! And in the end, we'll have a party!

It's a $1 a day and over $2200 of learning and tools all in one place from the comfort of your very own home.

Ready to join me in this birthday extravaganza?!

Sign up today!

*Transition Essentials Journals will be mailed or emailed depending on geographical location.

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