ARE YOU READY... transform the way you live and work?
I am your guide to make the transition easier.

After 20 years in human services globally, working with some of the world’s most diverse populations, and bringing rewarding changes into people’s lives, there are some critical things I’ve learned about what it takes to curate the life you desire.

HeartBreath Therapy

HeartBreath therapy is a combination of pranayama and holotropic style breathwork, somatic energy activation, rapid and traditional styled yoga nidra, heart science and yogic style savasana integration.  Think super charged breathwork using HeartMath + quantum physics.

Join in if you’re looking to release anxiety, reset your energy levels and experience a profound connection to your body, mind and soul. 

I host 1-1 and group classes regularly, including a free karma class every month. Check out my schedule.


Working with me as your certified professional ICF coach means working together to avoid burnout in your life and step into more wellness and well-being, while choosing a soul-fuelling life path. It also means you have someone who cares deeply about your success.

Since 2007, I’ve been coaching people from all over the world to step into their potential. My goal has always been to assist people in living a more heart-centred, aligned, and authentic life.

If you are ready to listen to that inner knowing and curate a life thriving life, work with me 1-1 or in a group!


Science is the foundation of my learning

Nature is the method of creating and carrying out practice

Spirit is what drives it all.

Any successful change needs all three of these to succeed and should build awareness, focus on intentional action, and work to shift all parts of the experience to create a thriving state of being.


Loretta is no stranger to supporting people from all backgrounds and ages to lead healthier lives both in and out of the workplace. Loretta has done grassroots charity work globally and worked on provincial, federal and municipal projects as a change and organizational development consultant.

She holds a Masters in Leadership from Royal Roads University and has been a certified ICF coach since 2007. Loretta has been practicing holotropic-style body therapy breathwork for six years, has taken two training modalities and integrates them into her client practice.

As an independent mother of 1 human and two rescues, Loretta spends much of her time outdoors enjoying the beauty of the Sunshine Coast, BC.