For the sake of humanity

Welcome to the one stop impact shop.

We all have our own journey in work and in play. Some of us out there in the world focus more on building a career and name for ourselves while others resonate more with adventure, play, and relaxation. There are those who strive each day to bring the need to create a legacy in the world together with fulfilling their needs for self growth, exploration, and finding a deeper sense of wellness and balance.  There are also others too, who live each day focused on just being and don’t question or create, they just are. Those seeking to create something new or to pursue more balance in life are those who will align with my work.

Since 1998 I’ve been on a journey into discovering a world beyond what my present environment presented. I am an inventor of possibilities and believe that anything is possible with the right resources in place. From transforming your personal life to building a legacy that will enhance the lives of thousands it’s all possible; regardless of current circumstances.

Internal and external leadership is what I specialize in offering the world. Fifty percent of profit from all fee for service offerings are used to provide youth who are at risk of violence in their lives with innovative leadership training.

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“Loretta brings immense insight, experience and compassion to all of her projects and professional practices. I highly recommend working with her!” — Madeleine Shaw, Founder, Co-Owner, Lunapads

‘Loretta’s energy and enthusiasm is contagious. Her attention to detail combined with adult learning and demographic specific content was spot on! She created a workshop that empowered and promoted success for a group of public presentations delivered by this population for this population.’ Meaghen, Community Living BC